Volume 43 | Number 2 | Spring 2013

Beyond the Classroom, Beyond Learning

Spring 2013 Issue | By Arthur C. Vailas, Ph.D.
President, Idaho State University

President Arthur Vailas

At Idaho State University, our education reaches much farther than just the communities where we teach and learn.

Our cover story subject, alumnus Luke Nelson, is known for his skills as an ultramarathoner and world-renowned ski mountaineering champion, but some of his most important and exciting work has been in Peru, where he and a group of students and other medical professionals travel each year to provide medical care to people in remote areas. Another group of faculty, students and medical professionals are working to create the first medical clinic in Kacllaraccay, a remote Peruvian village high in the Andes mountains.

The opportunity to provide care in another country is invaluable to our students — Nelson says that nearly all the students have responded that the experience has helped in their future careers. It's more than that, however. It's a way Idaho State University can prepare students and help the world around it at the same time.

Idaho State University continues to be a leader, not only in education, but in research. In this issue, you'll find the story of the helicopteron, an ancient fish with an interesting jaw and method of catching and eating prey. ISU scientists were able to study the animal and gain an accurate reconstruction of the animal using the Idaho Museum of Natural History's Idaho Virtualization Laboratory. The story of the helicopteron has graced newspapers and journals around the world. The Virtualization Laboratory has also been featured around the world, with its state-of-the-art imaging technology providing a method for scientists everywhere to share information and artifacts virtually.

The work we do at Idaho State University is meaningful and important, and it is because of all of you that we can continue to succeed. Every day, ISU students, faculty, staff and alumni are making a difference in the world around them, and we can all be proud that we are a part of it.

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