Volume 44 | Number 1 | Spring 2014


  • The Joey Parker Movement

    Don't tell Joey Parker, '13, that he dreams too big. He doesn't have time for such talk. He's too busy changing the world from his laptop in Idaho Falls. (read more)

  • Clothed and at Ease

    Jeff Zausch, '11, has been bitten by a rattlesnake when he was alone and miles from civilization. He's taken scores of solo survival treks in the wilds of the American West and in Alaska and Canada. Appearing on the Discovery Channel's "Naked and Afraid" program this spring, however, was tougher. (read more)

  • All There is to Learn

    ISU's breadth of programs offers something for everyone. (read more)

  • CommUniversity Brings Together Bengal Spirit

    Amidst the smiles, laughter and orange and black balloons, one can't miss the feeling of excitement at CommUniversity events. (read more)

  • Getting Outside

    Skiing and rafting with disabilities was never part of Bob Ellis's master plan. (read more)

  • International Flair

    Imagine a scholarship that paid for students to study in any country they wanted with all expenses paid. What if the government funded that scholarship program, granting funding to practically any student who wanted to participate?

    In Saudi Arabia, that idea has become a reality. (read more)