Volume 44 | Number 1 | Spring 2014

New Dance Major

Spring 2014 Issue

Idaho State University offered a bachelor's degree in dance for the first time in fall 2013. The new major is the only one of its kind offered within Idaho's higher education system.

With the new Bachelor of Arts degree in choreography and performance, the ISU School of Performing Arts now boasts majors in all three of its major disciplines: music, theatre and dance.

The program is housed in the Department of Theatre and Dance, within the School of Performing Arts in the College of Arts and Letters, under the direction of Associate Professor Dr. Joséphine A. Garibaldi.

"I am very proud of the dance major we have developed," said Garibaldi. "It provides students with an education in dance and the performing arts that empowers them for the realities of the 21st century."

Garibaldi said the major could lead to careers in dance, theater performance and choreography. It may also serve as a basis for graduate study or open up job opportunities in fields such as costume, makeup, light and set design, sound design, dance history, dance medicine and science, dance and physical therapy, performance studies, dance ethnology, dance arts writing, research and criticism, dance photography and videography.