Volume 44 | Number 1 | Spring 2014

Garibaldi Earns Fulbright

Spring 2014 Issue

Dr. Joséphine A. Garibaldi, associate professor of dance in the ISU School of Performing Arts in the College of Arts and Letters, was awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant this spring to teach at the Latvian Academy of Culture, Department of Contemporary Dance, in Riga, Latvia.

During her Fulbright fellowship, Garibaldi taught courses in choreography, interdisciplinary and collaborative practices, world dance and presented workshops and seminars throughout Latvia on various topics. Paul Zmolek, a fellow faculty member at ISU and Garibaldi's creative partner for more than 20 years, accompanied Garibaldi with a teaching invitation at the Latvian Culture College.


Garibaldi worked with Zmolek, the information technology team at ISU and colleagues from the Latvian Academy of Culture to develop interactive online coursework where students in Latvia were able to interact in real time with students at ISU.

Students in both Latvia and Pocatello could talk live and collaborate on creative and scholarly projects face-to-face in an online environment through coursework for World Dance/Local Identity and in the international choreographic project "Global Corporeality: Collaborative Choreography in Digital Space" to create original choreographic works that were performed live at the end of the spring semester for public performance.

"We are breaking ground here," said Garibaldi. "This type of project has never been done before. It is a choreographic experiment to create a work together for students here and in Latvia."

To learn more about the project and watch videos of the live sessions, visit the Callous Physical Theatre website.