Welcome to Idaho State University Athletic Bands!

Also known as the Spirit of ISU, the Athletics Bands at Idaho State are the most dedicated, visible, and energetic organizations at Idaho State University. Whether we are at a football, basketball game or pep rally, the athletic bands are there to exhibit pride and school spirit at every event. Fans welcome the powerful performances, and members love being involved with something great where they can develop friendships that will last a lifetime. We hope that you will be part of our proud tradition and exciting future! Go Bengals!

Common Questions


Do I have to be a music major?
NO! There is a place for students from ALL MAJORS in the Benagal Marching Band. In addition to important musical contributions, students from other majors provide balance, perspective, and "outside the box" thinking that has helped our organization to be so successful.

How often does the Bengal Marching Band rehearse?
We spend a week of rehearsal (band camp) prior to the start of school learning important musical and visual basics, as well as halftime and pre-game shows. This is also a time for socializing (outside of rehearsal) and bonding as a team. After the start of school, The Bengal Marching Band meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 12:00 PM to 1:50 PM and on game-day Saturdays. Our rehearsals take place in the Holt Arena, where it never rains, snows, or hails.

Can I live in a residence hall during band camp?
Yes. Arrangements are made each year for students living in residence halls. Early move in is permitted before the start of camp, and dining services are also available.

How much is being a band member going to cost?
Unlike many other college and high school marching bands, fees to participate in the Bengal Marching Band are very low. Students are only responsible for purchasing personal items such as shoes, gloves, and band shirt. There is NO COST for band camp or meals provided during camp. There is also no fee when we travel; in fact, we give all band membes money for food during any trip.

I'm really interested in joining or getting more information - what do I do now?
Click JOIN THE BAND at the top of this page and tell us who you are! One of our staff members will contact you soon to answer any questions and guide you through the process. This is a first step only and does not register you for the class or obligate you to join the band.

Do I have to register for marching band as a class?
Yes, but in some circumstances we can make other arrangments. Marching band is a graded 1 credit class like any other class and you should register for MUSP 1179.



Over $100,000 in scholarship money is available each year to music majors and non-music majors enrolled in ISU performing groups.

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Common Questions

Many students have the same questions as you do when thinking about joining the band. Here are some answers to the most common questions.

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