Mathematics & Statistics

Workshop - Integrated Learning for Dual Enrollment Statistics Teachers
(WILDEST Program)

The need for education in statistics has been growing. The Advanced Placement program, which introduced statistics ten years ago, has seen a tenfold increase in participants since that time. At Idaho State University, Introduction to Statistics (Math 253) has a yearly enrollment averaging 1000 students. Successful completion of Math 253 is a requirement in at least 10 programs and also fulfills a general education requirement. Therefore, offering quality statistics education in high schools is highly desirable.

The WILDEST workshop will train a network of high school instructors to teach college level statistics in their high schools, with the continuing support of the ISU faculty and fellow high school instructors. While the primary goal is to prepare high school instructors to teach a dual enrollment course with credit from ISU, this course, when properly implemented, will also prepare high school students for the AP statistics examination.

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