ISU Math/CS Club
Club Constitution

Constitution of G2, the ISU Math/CS Club


We, the members of the G2 Math/CS Club of Idaho State University, do hereby constitute ourselves an organization subject to the following provisions.

Article I - NAME

The name of the organization shall be the G2 Math/CS Club of Idaho State University.

Article II - PURPOSE

Section I

To create a community of students who share enthusiasm for mathematics and computer science. To encourage an interest in and a knowledge of mathematics and computer science, both for those in and out of this community.

Section II

To increase cohesion amongst mathematics and computer science majors. To increase interaction between students majoring in mathematics, computer science, physics, education, and engineering.

Section III

To support and encourage participation in national competitions, and the organization of local competitions.

Section IV

To foster a more personal interaction between faculty members and students.


Section I - General Members

Membership in the G2 Math/CS Club is open to any student interested in mathematics or computer science. This organization will not deny membership to any person on the basis of race, age, religion, sex, physical handicap, color, marital status, national origin, language or creed.

Section II - Voting Members

  1. Voting privileges in the G2 Math/CS Club will be extended to members of the club who fulfill one of the following requirements:
    • join the local student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America,
    • join the local student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, or
    • remit dues of $5 to the club through the current treasurer.
  2. Each voting member will have only one vote.
  3. Executive officers will come from the membership and will retain voting privileges.


Section I - Meetings

The G2 Math/CS Club will meet once a month during fall and spring semesters.

Section II - Parliamentary Procedure

Roberts Rules of Order will be used by the G2 Math/CS Club.

Section III - E-mail Voting

Measures to be voted on may be presented to club members via electronic mail if the following conditions are met:

  • Measures to be voted on must be raised during a club meeting.
  • E-mail must be sent to all members no less than one week before the next club meeting.
  • E-mail votes must be submitted to an executive officer at least one day prior to the next club meeting. Any e-mail vote arriving later than the deadline must be disregarded.
  • The measure to be voted on will be opened for a vote to all voting members attending the next club meeting.
  • E-mail results must be kept secret by the executive officers so as not to sway the decisions of members who vote at the club meeting.
  • Voting club members may only vote once per measure, either by e-mail or in person at the club meeting.

Section IV - Attendance

At least seven voting members must be present to conduct business. A measure may be passed with fewer than seven members present only when a total of seven or more votes has been cast via e-mail or in person.


Section I - Duties of Executive Board Officers

  1. President:
    1. To preside at all meetings of the G2 Math/CS Club.
    2. To enforce the constitution, by-laws, and other regulations of the G2 Math/CS Club.
    3. To recommend to the G2 Math/CS Club for dismissal any member who is not performing duties.
    4. To call special meetings.
    5. To fulfill any duties usually associated with this office not specifically mentioned in this Constitution.

  2. Secretary:

    1. To preside over club meetings in the absence of the club president.
    2. To update the web page of the G2 Math/CS Club.
    3. To keep a permanent record of all minutes for the G2 Math/CS Club.
    4. To insure distribution of mail to the organization.

  3. Treasurer:

    1. To keep an accurate and complete alphabetical roster of all members able to vote.
    2. To keep an accurate record of all financial transactions of the G2 Math/CS Club.
    3. To deposit and withdraw funds of the G2 Math/CS Club.
    4. To execute the appropriate process in order to request and obtain funds from ASISU.

  4. Public Relations:

    1. To promote the G2 Math/CS Club.
    2. To prepare news releases.
    3. To prepare flyers.
    4. Coordinate the publicity of the G2 Math/CS Club.

Section II - Executive Officer Attendance

Executive officers are encouraged to attend all regularly scheduled meetings. If it becomes evident that an officer is not performing the duties of the office, then the individual will be subject to removal according to the procedure described below.

Section III - Removal of Officers

Any officer can be removed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the voting membership of the G2 Math/CS Club at two consecutive meetings.


Section I - Nominations

  1. Prior to a G2 Math/CS Club meeting in March, the president will open nominations by e-mail. At the following G2 Math/CS Club meeting nominations will be closed.
  2. All candidates must be active and in good standing with the G2 Math/CS Club.
  3. All candidates must be full-time students and have a 2.50 overall GPA or better to be nominated for, or voted into, any G2 Math/CS Club position.

Section II - Elections

  1. The election of officers shall be held at a well-publicized meeting, two weeks after nominations have been closed.
  2. Elections will be held by secret ballot. A plurality vote for each position is required.

Section III - Transition

Newly elected officers shall take office after a one month transition period.


The treasurer will be responsible for the collection/disbursement of funds. Major expenditures ($100 or more) will be authorized by a majority vote of the membership if being used for a purpose other than they were originally allocated for. Minor expenditures (less than $100) such as notebooks, receipt books, etc. will be authorized by the president, or the treasurer in the absence of the president, and a faculty advisor. All expenditures shall require the two authorized signatures.


  1. An advisor shall be a full-time member of the faculty or a full-time professional employee of Idaho State University.
  2. An advisor can be recommended for removal from the position by the G2 Math/CS Club executive board if:
    1. They are not contributing to the G2 Math/CS Club in a positive manner.
    2. Any reason not mentioned but still deemed appropriate by the executive board.

    Article IX - AMENDMENTS

    Any member of the G2 Math/CS Club may sponsor any amendment. The amendment must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of members present. The proposed amendment is not ratified until approved by the ASISU.

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