ISU Math/CS Club
Joining the Club

How to Join G2, the ISU Math/CS Club

  1. Sign up for our mailing list and look at old messages.
  2. Fill out the schedule forms available on the bulletin board outside Dr. Kriloff's office (PS 316C) or on the Math/CS bulletin board in the 3rd floor hallway opposite the main stairs that lead down to 8th street and return them to the Math office (PS 318).
  3. Come to our next meeting or event!

To become an official member of the club you should pay dues and notify us of your membership in one of the following three ways. This will allow you to vote on club business and be eligible for certain privileges at club events (free dinner at the Career Panel for example). ASISU requires that we have 12 paid members to be an official club and a large membership is helpful in competing for funding for club events.

  1. Join the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) $30
    Look under Students at or download the membership form here or here. Please use chapter code #00300497. Send in the form and notify Dr. Kriloff by e-mail that you have joined.
  2. Join the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) $19 and up
    Look under Students at and follow links on the left hand side for membership forms. A direct link to the signup page is here. Send in the form or sign up online and notify Dr. Kriloff by e-mail that you have joined.
  3. Pay $5 directly to the club by giving dues, your name, Bengal number, and e-mail address to the club treasurer.
    You can either contact the treasurer or Dr. Kriloff directly or leave these with Lori or Faith in the Math Office, Room PS 318.


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