ISU Meridian Health Science Center

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I get to the Prometric Test Center?
    The test center is located in the ISU-Meridian building on 1311 East Central Drive, Meridian, ID. Click here for a map.
  2. What do I need to take my test?
    The test center will provide you with paper and pencils or noteboards and markers. For some Praxis exams, you may be allowed to use books. Please note: loose papers are generally NOT allowed.
  3. How do I schedule an exam?
    The test center does not schedule exams. To schedule an exam, click here.
  4. How do I cancel or reschedule and exam?
    The test center does not cancel or reschedule exams. To cancel or reschedule an exam, click here.
  5. Who can I call if I experience problems with scheduling or rescheduling an exam?
    The test center does not have the ability to assist testers with the website. If you encounter problems with the website, please call the Prometric Customer Care center at 1.800.853.6769.
  6. How long will my test take?
    Every test is different. To find out the length of time you are allowed for your specific exam, go to the test sponsor's website.
  7. How long will it take for me to get my test results/score?
    Every test is different. Some exams furnish a score report at the end of the exam; however, many do not. To find out how long you have to wait until you get your results, go to the test sponsor's website.
  8. Where do I park my car?
    You must park in visitor parking - no other parking spaces are allowed for testers. Visitor paking is located along the sidewalk near the main entrance of the ISU-Meridian building. There are white signs indicating "Visitor Parking" areas and each parking space is marked. Do not park anywhere other than visitor parking.
  9. What can I take into the test center?
    You will be assigned a locker during check in. You will be required to remove your overcoat, scarf, watch and large jewelry. Additionally, you must completely empty your pockets prior to taking your exam.
  10. When should I arrive at the test center?
    You must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your exam. For example, if your exam is scheduled to begin at 8:00 a.m., you must arrive to later than 7:30 a.m.
  11. What is involved in the security check?
    To ensure the integrity of your exam, the Prometric security policy is strictly enforced. Security checks include visibly observing your arms, lower legs, and all pockets. Additionally, you will be scanned with a metal detecting wand. This security check is mandatory for all testers and will not be waived. Testers who refuse any part of the security check will not be allowed to test.
  12. How do I find out more about special accommodations for my exam?
    We are happy to work with your needs. There is an established process for requesting and being granted special accommodations. You must complete the process in order to receive special accommodations - to learn more about special accommodations requests/processing, click here.
  13. How should I study for my exam?
    The test center does not endorse specific study materials or exam preparation programs. For suggestions on how best to prepare for your exam, we suggest you vistit the webpage of the exam you wish to take.
  14. What ID do I need to bring?
    You will need at least one valid (non-expired) government issued ID card that contains a picture and signature. Please note: Many exams require more than one ID. It is your responsibility to bring the required ID(s) to the testing center. If you do not have the required ID when you arrive at the test center, you will not be allowed to test. Examples of government issued IDs include, but are not limited to: driver's license, passport, concealed weapons card. Military ID cards, such as a CAC card, that do not contain a signature may not be accepted. ID requirements are determined by the test you are taking. Please review the ID requirements for the test you are taking. For example, if you are taking the CPA exam, review carefully the website for ID requirements. If you arrive at the test center without the required ID(s), you will not be allowed to test. There are no exceptions to the ID(s) requirement.


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