Master of Health Education (MHE)

MHE Course Requirements

The goal of the Master of Health Education degree is to improve the health of populations through individualized personal and community health interventions.

Core courses focus on the acquisition of requisite health education public health knowledge and skills in the disciplines of epidemiology, lifestyle decision-making, curriculum development, strategies of teaching, health organization and policy, health program planning and evaluation, research methods, and environmental health.

Students pursuing the MHE degree must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework. The student may choose either a thesis option or a project option to complete this requirement.

Core Course Requirements (18 credits)
HE 6605 Leadership and Administration 3 cr.
HE 6620 Health Program Planning and Evaluation 3 cr.
HE 6639 Teaching Strategies in Health 3 cr
HE 6640 Research and Writing in Health 3 cr.
HE 6660 Health Behavior Change Theory and Application 3 cr.
NOTE: Bold courses cross-listed as HE/MPH - Please refer to HE and MPH course listings.

In addition to one of the following:
HE 6623 Curriculum and Supervision 3 cr.
MPH 6604 Social and Cultural Perspectives in Public Health 3 cr.
NOTE: The course not taken to fulfill the Core Course Requirement may be taken as an approved elective.

Thesis Option
HE 6650 Thesis 6 cr.
Approved Electives* 6 cr.

Project Option
HE 6651 Masters Project in Health Education 6 cr.
Approved Electives* 6 cr.

*Elective Courses may include:

HE 5501 Issues in Health and Wellness 1-3 cr.
HE 5525 Patient Education 2 cr.
HE 5543 Substance Abuse 3 cr.
HE 5545 Human Sexuality 3 cr.
HE 5585 Independent Problems in Health Ed 1-3 cr.
HE 6648 Problems in Health Education 1-3 cr.
HE 6655 Internship 1-3 cr.
HCA 5573 Health Program Marketing 3 cr.
HCA 6625 Health Care Law 3 cr.
MPH 6601 Applications in Epidemiology 3 cr.
MPH 6602 Biostatistics 3 cr.
MPH 6606 Environmental and Occupational Health 3 cr.
MPH 6607 US and Global Health Systems 3 cr.
MPH 6608 Technology Applications in Public Health 3 cr.
MPH 6609 Seminar in Community and Public Health 3 cr.
NTD 5539 Sports Nutrition 3 cr.
Other courses as approved by MHE advisor

Other items of note as to assist you with your course of study plan:



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