News and Notes

A Newsletter for Faculty and Staff of Idaho State University

September 21, 2009 — Vol. 25 No. 29

Provost addresses faculty and staff

Provost Gary A. Olson

At a recent Academic Affairs Assembly, Provost Gary A. Olson said the event is one of many designed to improve communication in the university community.

During the assembly, Olson announced planned forums for better communication, including monthly department chair and dean meetings and town hall forums for faculty and staff. The first town hall meeting scheduled for faculty is Oct. 27. A town hall meeting for staff will be scheduled separately.

Academic Affairs also plans to establish an administrative development program. The program would include workshops and training support for administrators and opportunities for those considering administrative work in the future.

For faculty who are working at a higher level, Olson said Academic Affairs also plans to establish a rank of distinguished professor, the highest faculty rank. Up to one professor would receive the rank each year.

Olson also plans to implement a “stop the clock” policy for the tenuring process, a support program for newly tenured faculty and a standardized tenure and promotion form to be used campuswide.

In addition, the Office of Academic Affairs is creating a provost’s advisory board of senior faculty for advice on academic issues, especially in times of emergency.

“Our highest priorities are to preserve core faculty, programs and academic integrity,” Olson said.

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