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A Newsletter for Faculty and Staff of Idaho State University

October 5, 2009 — Vol. 25 No. 31

ISU earns $8.2 million in research grants

September was an unprecedented month for Idaho State University, which landed 16 federal research grants representing more the $8.2 million in research funding.

“The grants awarded demonstrate the national competitiveness and prominence of our faculty and their research groups in our core university missions of energy development and health care, as well our environmental and social science studies,” said Pamela Crowell, ISU vice president for research. “It was an amazing month for ISU research funding.”

ISU brought in over $28 million in external funding during the 2009 fiscal year, so the September awards bode well for the remainder of the 2010 fiscal year, which ends June 30.

There were two grants awarded for more than $1 million, including an $1,447,500 “Advanced Elastic/Inelastic Nuclear Data Development Project” to the Idaho Accelerator Center and a $1,290,704 “Understanding Social Networks within Complex, Nonlinear Systems: Geographically-Integrated History and Dynamics GIS” to the history department.

The Idaho Accelerator Center landed five grants in September totaling $3,338,593 in research dollars. The ISU Department of Physics was awarded three grants totaling more than $1.7 million, and the College of Engineering’s nuclear engineering program was awarded two grants totaling $583,482.

The university received three grants related to its health sciences mission, worth nearly $730,000, and the chemistry and geosciences departments also received grants.

Six of the grants were awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy and three each from the National Science Foundation and the Battelle Energy Alliance.

A complete listing of the grants, including the principal investigator, ISU unit, funding agency, grant title and award amount follows: