News and Notes

A Newsletter for Faculty and Staff of Idaho State University

August 30, 2010 — Vol. 26 No. 28

Faculty/Staff Updates

Andy Taylor, Austin Carter, Chris Taylor, Ana Moreno, Becky Evans, Dorys Gutierrez and Crystal Ross were recognized with ISU Cares Awards in August

Andy Taylor, Austin Carter, Chris Taylor, Ana Moreno, Becky Evans, Dorys Gutierrez and Crystal Ross were recognized with ISU Cares Awards in August for their customer service.

Each winner received a certificate of appreciation and a $15 gift card courtesy ISU Credit Union.

Carter has worked for Idaho State University in the Purchasing Department since August 2002. He is currently the Senior Buyer. He has a bachelor's degree in English - Technical Writing from Utah State University and an associate's degree in Aerospace Technology. He enjoys hunting, fishing, shooting, ranching, Equine, Bovine, dogs, writing and building old trucks.

Taylor has worked at ISU for 12 years as Public Information Specialist. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Idaho in 1983 and earned a certificate in Computer Information Systems from North Seattle Community College in Seattle, Washington in 1992. He likes to play tennis, go fishing, run, play with his dogs and spend tine with his family. Taylor was recognized for his great service in helping a family who requested his help in faxing some paperwork that ultimately helped them save their home.

Taylor has been at ISU for five years. He has held positions in Facilities as a custodian, Instructional Safety Aide/Machine Technology Instructor's Aide, Tool Room Superintendant, Safety Officer/ Diesel Technology. He has an advanced technical certificate in Machine Technology. When Taylor is not working he enjoys camping, hunting, fishing, leatherworking and reading books. Taylor has gone above and beyond in giving service to another department for going out of his way to delivering their mail and packages even though it's not his job.

Moreno has worked in Housing for three years as a resident assistant. She has an associate's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering and is working on her bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. In her free time she likes to hang out with friends and sleep. Taylor was recognized for her service to a visiting father and his two sons who were checking out a variety of colleges in the Northwest. She made a few calls to cover the front desk and personally gave a very comprehensive tour of the Rendezvous. They were very impressed with the service they received from Moreno, especially given it was an unscheduled visit.

Evans has worked for ISU for 29 years. She worked for Graphic Arts Printing in the past and now she works in the Total Copy Center. Becky likes to cook in her spare time and also enjoys having fun with friends and family. Becky was recognized for dropping what she was doing and putting the customer first by quickly helping the customer with a rush job that needed to be done right away.

Gutierrez has worked at ISU for more than three years as an office specialist for ISU Student Services in Meridian. She has a bachelor's degree from Albertson College of Idaho (currently College of Idaho). Typically, Gutierrez enjoys reading and spending time with her family, but she has been engaged for a few months now and is now spending all of her spare time planning a wedding. Gutierrez says she appreciates the recognition, but thinks it's important to note that she wouldn't be able to perform to the level she does at work, if it weren't for her co-workers.

Ross has worked at Idaho State University since 1999. She worked in the College of Pharmacy as a Technical Records Specialist and since 2003 as Student Health Insurance Coordinator. She has a master's degree in Human Resource Training. She loves to spend time with her two children and daughter-in-law and reading. Crystal was nominated online for providing excellent service.

News Bites

ISU's Preparatory Piano Program is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the purchase and use of a Steinway piano

Idaho State University's Preparatory Piano Program - which has received rave reviews by both its students and instructors - is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the purchase and use of a Steinway piano.

The Steinway piano was purchased with assistance from the Bistline Foundation, which provided a $7,000 grant. The other half of the cost was covered by fees collected by the teachers in the Preparatory Piano Program.

Kori Bond, ISU associate professor of piano and director of the Piano Preparatory Program, expressed appreciation to both parties.

"The Bistline Foundation has regularly and annually supported the ISU Summer Piano Institute, and now it came through with a timely and generous grant when we had the opportunity to buy the piano," Bond said. "This is just one of many ways the Bistline Foundation and the family have supported the arts and music in our community."

Bond said the purchase of the piano also says a lot about the program's teachers, who are ISU piano students.

"Our ISU teachers have invested a lot of time and effort into the program," Bond said. "They are proud of their work and devoted to the program, and they helped pay for the Steinway to benefit of the program's students."

The Steinway is set up in a piano practice room and studio that is used by ISU students and where many of the Preparatory Piano Program lessons are taught.

The ISU Department of Music program uses ISU piano students as instructors to teach the public, from preschoolers to seniors, piano. It is an arrangement that has worked well for both parties.

"This incredible program, led by Dr. Kori Bond and assisted by Abbi Clark, is an ISU highlight, providing quality piano instruction to a large number of community children at a very affordable cost," said Herbert Maschner, an ISU anthropology professor and interim director of the Idaho Museum of Natural History, whose 8-year-old son Alexander participated in the program during the 2009-10 academic year.

"We have students of all levels and all ages, including kids, college students and adults," Bond said. "Probably about 70 percent of our students are pre-college age. We have had them as young as 5 and as old as 70."

The program has taught approximately 500 students in the last 10 years, and now it has grown to where it teaches 60 to 80 students per semester. Individual teachers, depending on their experience, will teach from two to 20 students per semester in private, one-on-one lessons.

But, the program is about much more than the experience and enrichment it gives its students: ISU music students, who are the program's teachers, also benefit.

"For me it has been a good time and a wonderful opportunity to learn to teach with other ISU students," said Evan Heath, a piano performance major who has taught in the program for five years. "It allows me to share ideas and experiences with the other teachers and I feel like it has allowed me to greatly improve my teaching."

Bond said that it is very important for pianists to learn good teaching skills because teaching piano is a necessary part of their careers.

"Needing to have experience teaching is more true of pianists than most other instrumentalists, and there is a huge market for people wanting to take lessons," Bond said. "Many ISU piano students will make part of their living teaching piano. Students need the experience and skills they learn from this program."

Students in the Preparatory Piano Program have a recital at the end of each semester and they can be invited to perform in a master class, taught by Bond or a guest clinician. The children's recital is more formal, the adult performance more casual, generally among class members.

The cost of the program is $156 per semester for weekly half-hour lessons, and students have the option for taking 45-minute or hour lessons.

The program began Aug. 30, but there are still several slots open. The program is usually full by the end of the second or third week of lessons. The program accepts late applications and fees are prorated, and it is not too late to register now for fall or too early to make arrangements for spring semester.

For more information on the program contact Bond at (208) 282-2551 or

Faculty and staff are invited to join President Arthur Vailas at the Fall General Assembly on Sept. 7

Faculty and staff are invited to join President Arthur Vailas at the Fall General Assembly for all Faculty and Staff on Tuesday, Sept. 7, from noon to 1 p.m. in the Bengal Theater in the Pond Student Union. Video transmission will be available in Room 501 at the ISU - Meridian Health Science Center, in Room C91 at ISU - Twin Falls and in Room CHE 313 at ISU - Idaho Falls.