News and Notes

A Newsletter for Faculty and Staff of Idaho State University

December 6, 2010 — Vol. 26 No. 41

Center For New Direction Leads New Program

The ISU Center for New Directions, in partnership with five other centers located at Idaho technical colleges, received grant funding totaling $113,958 from the State of Idaho for the newly established Idaho Career Pioneer Network. The ISU Center for New Directions is taking the lead on the project.

The mission of the Idaho Career Pioneer Network project is to identify best practices throughout the state in the recruitment, retention, and program completion by women enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs and by men enrolled in Health Programs.

Center for New Directions personnel work to inspire individuals to explore and pursue a full range of career options by enhancing awareness and knowledge of nontraditional careers; encouraging participation through the implementation of best practices in recruitment and retention strategies; and effectively removing barriers to success for females and males of all ages.

Idaho is working to create a level playing field where women and men choose careers based on their passion and strengths and where they are welcomed and supported in all occupations.

For more information about the ISU Center for New Directions or the Idaho Career Pioneer Network please contact them at (208) 282-2454.