News and Notes

A Newsletter for Faculty and Staff of Idaho State University

January 31, 2011 — Vol. 27 No. 5

Faculty/Staff Updates

Congratulations to Shanna Neeser for winning the 2010 Fall Semester customer service award (read more...)

News Bites

A new dental clinic that will serve low-income patients in the Treasure Valley will open in August 20ll (read more...)

Jeff Meldrum participated in the production of a two-hour documentary for joint airing on the History Channel and Discovery Canada (read more...)

The method for paying library fees and fines is changing (read more...)

All ISU and high school students are invited to Elect Her - Idaho State University Women Win (read more...)

All are invited to learn more about the medical/clinical lab science program at an open house Feb. 23 (read more...)

Starting Feb. 7 the Transition Gallery will feature the photography exhibit "Majesty of Peru" (read more...)

The "Season of Note" series presents Jason Farnham and Friends Valentine's Show Feb 12 (read more...)

Tim Goodworth's exhibit is showing at the John B. Davis Gallery (read more...)

Treasure Valley toddlers with significant hearing loss will be better prepared for mainstream preschool, thanks to a $1,000 grant (read more...)

In this Issue

ISU Researcher Finds Sleep Problems a Marker for Suicidal Thoughts in Teens

Even factoring out depression, sleep problems in youths are the top markers for determining suicidal thoughts and behavior in adolescents, according to a new study by Idaho State University and University of Michigan researchers. (read more...)

ISU Researchers Scan Orca

When you ask a person "what's up" and he responds, "I can't really talk right now because we have 49 more teeth to scan today and we're still not done with the flippers," you can generally assume he's up to something interesting. (read more...)