News and Notes

A Newsletter for Faculty and Staff of Idaho State University

March 31, 2014 — Vol. 30 No. 11

Be Advised

Idaho State University encourages students to "Be Advised" prior to academic registration, which is scheduled to begin April 14- 21 for the Fall 2014 semester.

"Students benefit by receiving regular advising," said JoAnn Hertz, director of ISU Central Academic Advising. "Interaction with professional advisors who explain the curriculum requirements and policies of the university as well as with departmental faculty who are experts in their field provides an advantage to any student who seeks it."

The "Be Advised" program, which is led by ISU Central Academic Advising, is helpful in directing students to obtain the information they need in order to progress towards attaining their chosen degree program.

Before registration, it is important to make sure to check and clear holds, pay outstanding fees and print your degree works audit and/or transcript to review with your advisor. In order to find out who your advisor is, go to BengalWeb, click on the Academic Tools tab, go to the Student Records channel and then go to the Advisor and General Student Information link.

Advisors and advisees share responsibility in the advising relationship. Advisees should expect advisors to provide relevant and important information regarding their degree choice, catalog year and classes, as well as being accessible, encouraging educational engagement and assisting with attaining educational goals.

Advisors should expect advisees to schedule appointments to meet with them each semester, be prepared for the advising session, read the relevant catalog or website information, bring questions to the advising session, and assume final responsibility for course scheduling, program planning and the successful completion of graduation requirements.

There are several benefits to be obtained through the advising relationship, some of which may include: direct contact with faculty, up-to-date information on the advisees chosen department, assistance with long-range degree completion planning, information on how to stay on track to graduation, invitations to relevant learning opportunities outside the classroom and assistance in choosing the best "catalog year" for the advisee.

"With regular advising between students and advisors, students can graduate in the time frame they desire. Additionally, students who develop positive academic relationships with professors will have powerful and influential references for scholarships, research and internship opportunities or employment recommendations," Hertz said. "Faculty advisors can also help with career questions and graduate school applications."

The Fall 2014 online class schedule will be accessible starting on March 21. Online registration opens at 12:01 a.m. for each Class Level as follows: seniors, graduates, and post baccalaureates (90+ credits) can register April 14, juniors (58 to 89 credits) can register April 16, sophomores (26 to 57 credits) can register April 18, and Freshman (25 and fewer) can register April 21.

For more information, contact ISU Central Academic Advising at (208) 282-3277 or