Rental Agreement

Outdoor Adventure Rentals exists as a service for students, staff, faculty, and the general public to furnish the highest quality rental equipment at a reasonable cost. In order to ensure equipment is kept in the best possible condition for all to use, the person renting the equipment agrees to the following:

Terms of Rental Agreement:

1. Equipment will be returned in the same condition it was rented.

2. A cleaning/damage deposit will be charged on all inflatable boats, canoes, tents and any other equipment that can be easily damaged. This deposit will be refunded if the equipment is returned clean and in satisfactory condition. Upon return, all inflatable watercraft must be inflated by the renter and checked by an employee of the rental center. All tents must be set up and checked by an Outdoor Adventure Rentals employee.

3. Repair costs on damaged items (damaged while in the posession of the renter) will be paid by the renter.

4. The cost of irreparable damage, lost or stolen items (while in the possession of the renter) will be paid by the renter at a rate set by Outdoor Adventure Rentals based upon the replacement cost for a comparable item.

5. The renter is responsible to check all items for flaws, defects, or damages before rental.

6. Summer pick-up time is after 2:00 pm, return time is before 2:00 pm, except same day rentals. Winter pick-up time is after 5:00 pm, return time is before 5:00 pm, except same day rentals. All equipment returned late will be charged at a daily rate for each day thereafter, except watercraft which will be charged $10 for each 1/2 hour late per boat. Rental equipment must be returned during posted hours.

7. One-half rental fee is required at time of reservations, this is non-refundable! No refunds will be made due to bad weather and other conflicts. To receive a 90 day credit, the rental center needs a full two week cancellation notice.

8. The renter is knowledgeable and will use the equipment wisely and the rental center accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for damage to the person or property of the renter.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of reservation. Yurt and cabin reservations are available beginning in November.

Cleaning/Damage Deposit:

All Boats and Water Packages require a $50 cleaning/damage deposit due at time of boat pick-up. Boats returned clean and undamaged, at the 2:00 pm return time, will be refunded the deposit. Boats returned uncleaned or damaged will lose the $50 deposit, and may be charged extra due to extent of the damage.

Human Waste Disposal Units must be cleaned before returned, and they must pass inspection. Units not passing inspection will be charged a $50 cleaning deposit payable by check or cash only at time of return.

All Tents require a $10 cleaning/damage deposit due at time of tent pick-up. All tents returned clean and undamaged will be refunded the $10 deposit.