Mountain Bike Day Trips

Be prepared when you go on your next mountain bike ride.  Here's a suggested list of items that you'll want to consider carrying with you
Mountain Bike
Clothing (Be sure to take at least a wind shell or rain jacket in the event the weather changes)
Food (Snacks, energy bars)
Water or Sports' Drink (At least 6 onces for every 2 hours)
Sun Screen
Sun Glasses
First Aid Kit (See Lightweight First Aid Kit)
Headlight (for longer rides)
Matches & Firestarter in Waterproof Container (Hey, it's light & could be a life-safer)
Space Blanket (The kind that packs down to the size of a bar of soap)
Extra Tube
Patch Kit (glue or adhesive patches, patches, sandpaper)
    6, 8, 10 Hex Wrench Set,
    Duct Tape
    Chain Tool
    Adjustable Wrench
    OR Combination Tool like a "Cool Tool"
Quarter for Telephone (Just in case!)

Before Getting Underway:

Check Wheels (Spin wheels and make sure they are true)
Check Quick Releases (Quick releases should be tight)
Check Headset (Make sure headset is free of sand and not sloppy)
Check Brakes (Brakes should pull correctly and pads should be aligned on rim)
Check Peddles (Shake peddles & make sure they are secure)

Contributors: Michelle Byrd, Mat Eperlding

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