CW HOG Classes

We teach classes for people with disabilities, and classes for people who want to teach adaptive classes, through the Sport Science and Physical Education department. For a schedule of adaptive classes being offered, see ISU's Spring 2011 Class Schedule.

Class Listings

PEAC 1101 - Adaptive Snow Skiing

Students receive personal lessons from trained instructors for six weeks at Pebble Creek Ski Area. Students of all abilities can progress at their own rate from beginner to advanced skier. Adaptive equipment is provided.

PEAC 1103 - Adaptive Swimming

Students of all abilities can increase aquatic comfort level in this personally designed fitness class. Focus will be on building endurance and muscular strength along with maximizing flexibility creating a lifetime aerobic interest.

PEAC 1104 - Adaptive Weight Training

An individually designed program for all ability levels in basic weight training techniques. Objectives include learning exercise styles, muscle groups, cardiovascular routine, stretching, total body toning and building.

PEAC 1108 - Instructor Training for Adaptive Skiing

Learn techniques to instruct skiing to people with disabilities. Field experience with adaptive equipment and nationally recognized teaching methods will prepare the instructor to teach a skier for six weeks.

PEAC 1109 - Instructor Training for Adaptive Sports

Field experience instructing students of various abilities in developing a personal weight training and/or swimming fitness program. Learn teaching methods, adapting exercises and student characteristics.

PEAC 2200 - Team Building Leadership

This class will follow a challenge courses facilitator training work shop style. All students will have the necessary skills needed to facilitate large and small team building groups by class end. This will include both high and low initiatives.