Dancing With the Bear:  The Team


From left to right: 

Jackie Kiewa is a lecturer in Outdoor Education at Griffith University. She has paddled extensively on the Eastern Sea board of Australia and throughout New Zealand's South Island. A Senior Instructor with the Queensland Board of Canoe Education she is also an experienced Rock climber. Having finished her Masters in Educational Psychology, specialising in adventure based education and counseling, she is currently completing her Ph.D. Since Dancing with the Bear she returned with Trevor to Central Asia in 1997 and in 1998 took part in "Fatchance Diplomacy", the second Fatchance Sumatran expedition. 

Liam Guilar. Liam is the author of Dancing With the Bear. Click here for his bio and information about "Fatchance Diplomacy." 

Christianne Durk was born in Germany and lives in Berlin.  Fluent in four European languages, she is currently studying Russian and Theology at the university of Berlin.  A full time Aerobics instructor, the Chatkal and Pskem were her first rivers. She has traveled extensively, spending a year in France, making several visits to Russia and spending time in Central Asia prior to the 1993 expedition. 

Mark Silburn thinks he began paddling with the scouts but has been doing it for so long he can't remember a time when he wasn't kayaking. He has paddled most of the difficult rivers of the Eastern Sea Board,  from the Tully to the Murray gates including the Gwydir, reputedly Australia's hardest river, in monster flood, as well as having made numerous trips to New Zealand's most difficult rivers. A soil conservationist by profession, he is currently completing his Ph.D. Since Dancing with the Bear, he has paddled in Pakistan (Where Silburn's first law of kayaking: "Nothing is ever as bad as it looks" was altered to "Nothing is ever as bad as it looks, unless you're in Pakistan")  After several Fatchance Road Trips, he took part in the first Fatchance Expedition to Indonesia in 1997 and despite all the pain and suffering went back again in 1998. 

Trevor Robertson rafted the Franklin in 1978. He began kayaking soon afterwards and since then has paddled most of the best rivers on Australia's East coast. As well as paddling on lesser known but fequally demanding rivers in Australia, he has paddled extensively in the South Island of New Zealand. He has gained a reputation for paddling difficult white water and hurling himself over water falls. He is a general medical practitioner working in Brisbane and he is not studying for his Ph.D.  Since Dancing with the Bear he has paddled in America, returned to Central Asia and took part in "Fatchance Diplomacy" in 1998. 

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