Check-off List for Day Hiking Trips

Here's a handy check-off list you can use when planning day hikes.  You'll need to adapt the list to your needs, but make sure that you carry enough that you'll able to survive the night out if something goes wrong.  (See the Ten Essentials' list for more details on important survival items).

Matches (Use "Strike Anywhere" matches.  Place matches & firestarter in a waterproof case)
Firestarter (Always take firestarter along with matches, always.)
Striker for Matches (If things are wet, a striker is a godsend.  Emery board works well.)
Waterproof Case (Place matches, firestarter, striker in waterproof case & carry in your pocket.)
Headlight or Flashlight, Extra Batteries & Bulb
Food (Lunch, energy bars, & candy which is very important in hypothermic conditions.)
Water or Sports Drink
Extra Clothing (Take, at least, gloves, wind breaker--better yet, rain jacket--and stocking hat.)
Gaitors (If hiking in snow)
Sun Glasses
Sun Screen
Pocket Knife
First Aid Kit (See Lightweight First Aid Kit)
Lightweight Nylon Tarp--For Emergencies (See information on emergency shelters)
Space Blanket--For Emergency Ground Cloth (See information on emergency shelters)
Nylon Cord (Use to tie up the tarp for emergency shelter)
Day Pack or Hip Pack
Revised 6/24/98

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