Liam Guilar 
Author of Dancing With the Bear 


IF YOU READ Dancing With the Bear you'll gain some insights into this unusually talented writer from Australia.  In his self-effacing manner, he says that he has been kayaking long enough to remember four meter kayaks made of wood and long ago realized that longevity would suffice where skill and ability were totally lacking.   

His ambition to be a serious medievalist was thwarted by a chance meeting with Ron Watters at a party in Pocatello, where he thinks he contracted a rare social disease that requires him to spend hours tracing blue lines on maps of places with unpronounceable names. 

In rare bull-free moments he will admit that the only reason he organized the '93 trip, on which the on-line book Dancing With the Bear is based, is because after waiting for twenty years  he  finally realized that  no one else was ever going to ask him to join their expedition. 

Since Dancing with the Bear he has run what might have been the only specialized kayaking school in Australia, organized and run the first national rodeo in Australia  (now a regular event called Plastic Pig day), got promoted to Head of Faculty of Languages and Literature at his work,  and, desperate to escape all this, created Fatchance Expeditions. 

The philosophy of Fatchance Expeditions is best summed up by John Wilde, one of Australia's most experienced expedition kayakers, a fellow member of the British Kayaking Mafia and a participant in "FATCHANCE DIPLOMACY": 

"Fatchance Expeditions , the brain child of Liam Guilar (of Plastic Pig fame) involves taking a group of totally disorganized canoeists [he means kayakers yonk dudes] to a far off land where no one speaks English, via airlines that have a reputation for unreliability,  in order to paddle rivers that no one knows anything about, in an environment that is regarded as unpleasant by any normal person and where the chances of getting sick if not totally disabled are high. He probably thinks that this is good for the soul.  The expedition cry 'fatchance' is the only reliable theme"
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