Welcome to the Outdoor Adventure Center!

About the OAC

If you love to play in the outdoors, or are interested in doing so, youíve come to the right place. We are a university based, outdoor education and recreation program which offers common adventure trips, classes & workshops, and outdoor informational services.

CW HOG (Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group) is the adaptive component of our program which offers outdoor activities and classes for people with dissabilities.

The Outdoor Adventure Center provides outdoor equipment rentals, information on the equipment, and equipment repairs.

Our Library contains one of the regionís most extensive collection of Outdoor Resources: books, magazines, periodicals, videos & DVDs, equipment catalogs, and over 1,000 US Topographical maps.

Our website is also a great source - containing pages and pages of information on our program and outdoor recources.

Activity Waivers

Cooperative Adventure Outing (.pdf file)

Open Kayak (.pdf file)

Open Climb (.pdf file)

Alpine Tower Challenge Course (.pdf file)

OAC Student Learning Outcomes

To review the Outdoor Adventure Center student learning outcomes for the 2017-18 acedemic year click here (.pdf file)