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2017 Results

Please note changes for 2018

* Online registration * Closes September 13.

* T-shirt with Pre-registration by September 7 only *

* Day of event registration does not include t-shirt *

* Castle Rocks (5-10-5.12) New top rope category for Saturday on Sunny Side*

* Only two heats on Saturday. Registration opens at 8 a.m. First heat starts at 9 am.*

* Judging via Honor System*

* Past winners must move up in category*

* Sunday registration opens at 10 a.m. Top-rope categories start at 11 a.m. *

* No lead climb score cards will be handed out after 10 a.m. Sunday *


About the Competition

What is the Pocatello Pump?

The oldest (36 years climbing) and most fun rock climbing competition in America.

When is it?

September 15-16, 2018

Where is it?

The basalt crags of Ross Park's Sunny Side and Shady Side
Exit 67 (5th Avenue Exit) off I-15, Pocatello, Idaho

Entry Fees

Download Registration Form (.pdf)

Online registration


Early Registration

Sign up before 5:00 p.m. on September 13th online or at the OAC: $35.00

Late Registration

After Sept. 13 and On Site: $40.00

Donations to the Access Fund and ISU's Climbing Scholarship

The Pocatello Pump will donate $5.00 for each person who participates in the competition to the Access Fund. The Access Fund is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting climbers' interests in the United States while preserving America's diverse climbing resource.

The Pump will also donate $5.00 for each entrant to the ISU Terry Kranning Climbing Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to an ISU student that participated in the Pump. Contact the Scholarship Office for more info.

Competition Categories

There is a local and non-local division for each category below. If less than five entrants are registered in the same category, the local and non-local divisions may be combined.

Leading Categories


City of Rocks


5.12a and up
5.11a through 5.11d
5.10a through 5.10d


5.11d and up
5.11a through 5.11c
5.10a through 5.10d

Non-Leading Categories


Smith Rocks
Castle Rocks
Seneca Rocks
Red Rocks


Up to 5.10
5.10 to 5.12
Up to 5.9
5.10 and up


Up to 5.10
5.10 to 5.12
Up to 5.9
5.10 and up

Other Categories


Climbers with a physical disability

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Boys and Girls, 11-15 years old

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Boys and Girls, 10 years old and under

Massacre Rocks

Non-competitive-winner decided by luck of the draw. Men and women 16 years and older...Climb either Saturday or Sunday

Competing & Scoring Points

The Seneca Rocks, Red Rocks, Everest, Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon categories receive 60 minutes to attempt as many climbs as possible. The person with the highest score wins.

The Massacre Rocks top rope catagory is non-competitive. The winner will be decided by luck of the draw. Climbers in this category can climb on either day .

The Yosemite, City of Rocks, Shawangunks, Smith Rocks, and Castle Rocks categories receive 90 minutes to attempt as many top-rope climbs as possible. The top ten finishers in the Yosemite, City of Rocks, and Shawangunks categories enter the lead-climbing segment. The lead climbers receive four hours to attempt nine leads, of which the highest eight are scored. The cumulative scores from top-roping and lead climbing determine the winners.
*Bring your own rope for lead climbing events.
*Provide your own belayer.

There are dozens of "scored" routes to choose from; these routes range from 5.5 to 5.12. To receive points for a climb, the climber must reach the top without falling and place both hands on top of the cliff. A climber is allowed two falls for each route, but he or she must be lowered to the bottom after each fall. If a climber falls a third time, he or she must move on to a new route.

Where and When

Saturday, September 16: Registration starts at 8 a.m on the Sunny Side of Ross Park on South 2nd Ave. The Yosemite, City of Rocks, Shawangunks, Smith Rocks, Castle Rocks, and Massacre Rocks categories begin the one and half hour top rope climbing heats at 9 a.m.
Note: there will only be two heats on Saturday.

Sunday, September 17: 8 - noon. Lead climbing segement of the Yosemite, City of Rocks, and Shawangunks categories on the Sunny Side of Ross Park. 10 a.m. registration for the Seneca Rocks, Red Rocks, Massacre Rocks, Everest, Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon categories on the Shady Side of Ross Park on South 4th avenue; three one hour long climbing heats begin at 11 a.m. Awards ceremony and prize give away (must be present to receive a prize) shortly afetr the third heat ends.

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