About Our Trips

Our trips are based on the common adventurer concept - meaning that all participants contribute in the cost, preparation and responsibilities of the trip. The responsibilities and expenses of the trip are shared among all members. No trip expenses go to pay anyone's salary. Any instruction or advice provided by any member of the group is given gratuitously in the spirit of cooperation. Since there are no guides, everyone on the trip has a lot more work to do such as: helping plan the trip, buying food, loading and unloading equipment, and cleaning up after it's over.

The great majority of overnight trips will have a pre-trip meeting. Much of the trip's planning takes place at this meeting; in the spirit of common adventure, you are required to be there to participate in the planning process. The success or failure of a common adventure trip rests not in the hands of the trip initiator, but in the hands of everyone that participates on the trip.

Members of common adventure groups do not hold one another or others liable for accidents. Please understand that when you participate in activities in the wild outdoors, you are risking your physical being. No one on the trip can assure your safety. Participate at your own risk.

Remember... Trips can be dangerous. No one can assure your safety. Participate at your own risk!

Important Note

The Outdoor Adventure Center is an ISU student service, and our first priority is to use our resources and services for students' needs. We welcome the local community to use our outdoor resource center and, as room permits, attend our programs, workshops, and activities.