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Pocatello Pump

The Pocatello pump is the oldest and most fun rock climbing competition in America. Go to the Pocatello Pump page for more information and to download registration forms.

2012 Pocatello Pump Results

Idaho State University Climbing Wall

The Idaho State University Climbing Wall is located in Reed Gym, which is on the Corner of Memorial Drive and Martin Luther King Jr. Way on ISU's Campus. Designed by Scott Vail of Nampa, the wall has 5,500 square feet of climbable space making it the most expansive wall in the regional area and one of the largest at any university. Click here to find out more...

This website was created by Bruce Black to provide information about climbing areas in south eastern Idaho. The site contains climbing guides for areas such as the City of Rocks, Castle Rocks, Massacre Rocks, Ross Park, and more. You will also find a forum, photo gallery, weather forecasts, and all kinds of other neat information that will help you learn everything you need to know about climbing in south eastern Idaho.

Castle Rocks Climbing Guides

Idaho's newest state park features giant granite spires known collectively as Castle Rocks. Some spires rival nearby City of Rocks National Reserve, and offer exceptional rock climbing. Click here for climbing guides to Zone 1 ( 10MB file), and Zone 2  ( 15MB file). for information
regarding climbing to obtain a permit to develop new routes at City of Rocks or Castle Rocks contact Brad Shilling, the climbing ranger at 208-824-5757 or e-mail at

Climbing Courses Offered at ISU

PEAC 1176A - Beginning Rock Climbing

Designed for students with little or no climbing experience, this outdoor class covers basic climbing including knot tying, belaying, movement techniques, top rope anchor systems, and safety procedures.

PEAC 1185 - Basic Mountaineering

Designed for students wishing to climb mountains on a non-technical basis. Includes ice axe use, rope team travel, clothing, equipment, hazards, hypothermia, and acute mountain sickness.

PEAC 1189 - Beginning Gym Climbing

Taught entirely indoors on the Idaho State University Climbing Wall, this course covers climbing knots, belaying procedures, basic equipment, movement techniques, and safety.

PEAC 1194 - Caving Workshop

Designed for students that want to develop the skills necessary to explore non technical caves. The course covers navigation, equipment, rappelling, light sources, emergency preparation, and the history of caving.

PE 3383 - Advanced Rock Climbing and Climbing Safety

A comprehensive examination of climbing safety–anchor placement, self-rescue, belaying, route protection, case history review, equipment limitations–along with field experience including lead and aid climbing, advanced knots, movement techniques, and minimal impact procedures. PREREQ: PEAC 176A or permission of instructor.