We Need Your Support

The Outdoor Adventure Center has never had the luxury of a well-funded budget. There are always other important academic and student service needs that, with good reason, take a higher priority.

That's why our fund raising programs are so important. The extra money that we bring in helps fund important parts of the program that we couldn't otherwise afford. It also assures that our programs and resource center services are open to everyone.

Fund raising has enabled us to: establish the Portneuf Range Hut System (the nation's first public yurt system), offer outdoor activities for people with disabilities, help get the CW HOG program underway, provide rescue services and help during emergencies, provide small stipends for deserving intern students, and complete many other projects. None of these would have been possible without the financial help of friends.

There's one other important reason why we need your help. We know that sometime in the future things will get very tight. Universities have cycles just like businesses do, and the first thing to get cut is non-essential services like outdoor recreation. To help assure that the Outdoor Adventure Center will continue, we have established the Outdoor Program Endowment Fund.

Why is all this so important? Because the outdoors is powerful medicine and a vital respite from the fast-paced, crazy world. Through its offerings, the Outdoor Adventure Center helps people learn about and use their inner resources. It helps individuals find joy in life and make new and lasting friendships. This program offers a healthy and hopeful lifestyle. With your help, we can continue to dispense the good medicine of the outdoors well into the future.

Here's how you can Help...

Cash donation:

A cash donation, however small, is gratefully accepted, and you can be sure it will go a long way. Donations are fully tax deductible. If desired, you can designate your donation to go to one of the endowment funds listed below or we will use it where it is needed the most.

Donations of Books, Magazines, Equipment...

We are always looking for books, magazines, maps and videos to help build up the Outdoor Resource Library, and outdoor equipment also comes in handy. We can provide a tax credit for the value of the items that you donate.

Send donations to:

ISU Outdoor Adventure Center
Box 8128
Pocatello, ID 83209

Endowment Funds

We have established three endowment funds. In each case, the principle of the endowment fund is put towards safe, conservative investments and only the interest is used. That way your donation continues to provide benefits well into the future. All funds are carefully managed by the ISU Foundation. If desired, you may request that your donation go to one of the following or we will use it where it is needed the most.

ISU Outdoor Program Fund

This our main endowment fund which helps fund activities and programs.

Bill Francis Memorial Endowment Fund

This endowment fund was established in memory of Bill Francis. On odd years, a grant from the fund is given to CW HOG for outdoor activities for people with disabilities; on even years, the money is given to the Outdoor Adventure Center for scholarships, internships, and other important projects.

Jerry Dixon Expeditionary Endowment Fund

This endowment fund started by Jerry Dixon provides small grants to individuals undertaking trips with an environmental theme.

CW HOG Endowment Fund

This is CW HOG's main endowment fund and is used towards projects and programs for people with disabilities.

Marilyn Smith Memorial Endowment

Marilyn Smith was one of the founding members of CW HOG and an important force in shaping the program through the years. Marilyn Smith's son and daughter, Dan and Debi, have started the Marilyn Smith Memorial Endowment. This Endowment will be used to fund programs, projects, and activities of CW HOG. All gifts are acknowledged to Marilyn's family.

Starting a New Endowment Fund...

We always welcome ideas about creating new endowment funds. New funds can be created for a specific purpose or to honor a friend or a member of the family who has passed away. In order to have sufficient principle to get the endowment off the ground, a $5,000 minimum is required.