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Water Activities

Snow Pack/Water ContentEquipment ListsHelpful InformationWater Activity Courses

Idaho River Flow Information

Internet Sites

Rivers Throughout Idaho (U.S. Geological Survey Reports)
Boise & Payette Rivers (Bureau of Reclamation)
Upper Snake River (Bureau of Reclamation)
Other River Drainage Reports (Bureau of Reclamation)
Snake River: Murtaugh/Milner, Swan Falls & Hells Canyon (Idaho Power Reports)

Phone Numbers

Bear River (Black Canyon & Oneida Narrow) Recorded message:
(800) 547-1501

Bear River (Georgetown to Soda Springs Canoe Stretch) Soda Point Dam Operator:
(208) 547-3697

Blackfoot River (below Blackfoot Reservoir):
(208) 238-0586.

Snow Pack/Water Content

This is an internet service of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) that enables river runners to get an idea of spring & early summer flows based on mountain snow packs: Idaho Snow Pack/Water Content

Equipment Lists

Rafting or Kayaking (Multi-day Trips)

Use this list to make sure you don't forget anything on your next trip.

Helpful Information for your River Trips

Kayaks and Other Whitewater Craft

Click here for a primer on kayaks, whitewater canoes, inflatable kayaks and associated equipment such as paddles, flotation bags, helmets, spray skirts, etc.

Planning Multi-day Rafting or Kayaking Trips

Click here for some great hints: organizing your party, calculating trip costs, holding planning sessions, leading a trip and arranging transportation.

Rafts and Drift Boats

Click here for lots of information on: rafts, types of rafts, catarafts, dories, drift boats and associated equipment such as oars, paddles, pumps and waterproof storage bags.

Water Activity Courses Offered at ISU

PEAC 1167 - Kayak Touring

Basic skills for lake, ocean and flat-water kayaking including equipment, technique, navigation, safety and rescue.

PEAC 175A - Beginning Kayaking

Uses controlled environment of ISU pool and includes basic skills including draw and sculling strokes, high and low bracing, eddy turns, deep water rescue techniques, river safety, and Eskimo roll.

PE 2284 - Intermediate Kayaking and Whitewater Safety

Combines practical field experience in moving water with a study of river safety and accident prevention. Topics include hazard evaluation, self and team rescue, case history review, and whitewater safety procedures. PREREQ: PEAC 175A OR PERMISSION OF INSTRUCTOR.

PE 3381 - River Safety & Swiftwater Rescue

A comprehensive safety and rescue course for river users and rescue service personnel. Topics include safety equipment, river hazards, river crossings, tag line procedures, zip line and Z-pulley use, moving water extrications, and first aid considerations.