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Part 2. Organization

Section IV. Descriptions and Bylaws of University Representative Bodies

C. Bylaws of the Council of Professional Employees of Idaho State University

Article I Name

The name of this association shall be: The Council of Professional Employees (COPE) of Idaho State University.

Article II Purpose

Section 1: General Function. The COPE Board is an elected body that represents the interests of the professional employees by working with other components of Idaho State University for the improvement of personnel management, morale, work environment, and productivity.

Section 2: Specific Functions.

Article III Constituency and Membership

Section 1A: Membership in the association shall be all professional personnel who are filling an administrative-professional position, half time or more and are exempt from:

Section 1B: Personnel serving in the following positions shall be exempt from membership in this Association:

Section 2: A membership roster shall be maintained by the secretary of the association.

Section 3: A person ceases to be a member of the association upon termination of employment.

Section 4: Representation on the Council shall be based on distribution of professional employees in the groups identified below:

A. Group I Instruction Academic Support (three representatives)

Graduate School, Office of Research, Sponsored Programs, University Library, Museum of Natural History, Individual Education Programs, Continuing Education and Conferences, Institutional Research, Registration and Records, Financial Aid, Scholarship, University Programs - Idaho Falls, University Programs- Twin Falls, Academic Services, Supplemental Advising, Admissions Counseling/Minority Programs, Indian Liaison, Diversity Resources, Enrollment Services, Admissions, Recruitment, Computing and Communication, Academic Computing, Administrative Systems, Telecommunications, Media/Distance Learning, Academic Skills Center, School of Applied Technology.

B. Group II Student Services (two representatives)

Campus Recreation, Career Services, Center for Student Employment, ADA & Disability Resource Center, Child Care Center, Counseling and Testing Center, International Student Services, Student Health Center, Student Union, Student Activities and Organizations, TRIO Student Services, University Housing, Public Safety, Maintenance and Operations, Shops, Transportation Services, Campus Upkeep, Custodial/Safety, Campus Planning, Energy Conservation.

C. Group III Financial Services (one representative)

Controller, Budget, Grants Accounting, Mail Center, Business and Technology Center, Applied Technology Fiscal Officer, Physical Plant Fiscal Officer, Athletics Fiscal Officer, ASISU Fiscal Officer, Internal Auditor, Human Resources, Purchasing Services, Stores/Central Receiving, Risk Management

D. Group IV Auxiliary Enterprise (one representatives)

Institutional Advancement: University Relations, Development Office, Alumni Relations, Athletics, Holt Arena, General Counsel, Affirmative Action.

Article IV Amendments of Bylaws

Section 1: Amendment proposals. An amendment may be proposed by the Council or by a majority vote of those present in a special meeting of COPE. Proposed amendments shall be posted and distributed among the membership.

Section 2: Ratification. These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the COPE voting. Voting shall be by mail ballot. Results of the ballot shall be posted and distributed among the membership. These bylaws and amendments thereto are subject to review and approval by the President of Idaho State University.

Article V Officers and their Duties

Section 1: Officers. The Council will elect two officers, President and Vice President, at the first regular meeting following each election. The term of office will be for one year. Only continuing Council members or newly-elected Council members will be eligible to vote for the President and Vice President. Only those persons who have served on the Council for at least one (1) year shall be eligible for election to the office of President. The Vice President shall be elected from the newly-elected Council members.

Section 2: Duties of the President. The President shall:

Section 3: Duties of the Vice President. The Vice President shall:

Section 4: Duties of the Secretary/Treasurer. The Secretary/Treasurer shall:

Article VI Elections

Section 1: Term of Office. Council members shall be elected for a two (2) year term. To provide continued membership on the Council, approximately one-half () of the membership positions shall be filled each year. At no time can all members of the same group serve the same term.

Section 2: Elections. The Vice President of the Council shall annually in February, appoint an elections committee from the Board membership. Prior to elections, the elections committee shall call for nominations from the membership-at-large. The call for nominations must be publicized in the campus media twice in the month of March.

Nominations must be submitted to a COPE Board member. The nominee and nominator must be from the same group. Names of nominees must be published in the campus media once in April. Voting shall be by constituent group.

The COPE Board shall: (1) Confirm the eligibility and availability of each nominee; (2) Prepare and distribute ballots, ensuring that each eligible staff employee has an opportunity to vote; (3) Collect and count the ballots; (4) Report the election results.

Election shall be by simple majority of the members voting.

Elections shall take place prior to the annual COPE luncheon.

Section 3: Validation. Prior to the annual luncheon, the election results shall be validated. Those elected shall be seated as Council members at the first regular meeting in May.

Article VII Vacancies

Section 1: Vacancies that need not be filled. Vacancies occurring less than 60 days before May 1 need not be filled before the regular elections.

Section 2: Appointment to vacancies. When possible, vacancies shall be filled by appointment of the candidate who, at the most recent election for the position vacated, had the second highest number of votes. If the vacancy cannot be filled in this way, the Council President shall appoint, subject to Council approval, a person from the same constituent group to complete the unexpired term. A person appointed to serve less than half a full term shall be eligible for election to the succeeding term.

Section 3: Vacancies due to unexcused absence. A vacancy occurs when a member of the Council, unless excused by the President of the Council, is absent from three consecutive and properly-called meetings.

Section 4: Replacement of officers. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice-President shall assume that office. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Vice-President, the Council may elect a replacement.

Article VIII Council Meetings

Section 1: Regular meetings. Meetings of the Council shall be held monthly during the regular school year, at a time and place to be designated at the first meeting each year.

Section 2: Special meetings. The Council President may call a special meeting at any time.

Notice of a special meeting may be oral and must be given at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the meeting. Each member shall be notified, either orally or in writing, of the meeting and informed of its purpose. Special meetings will be restricted to the stated purpose for which they are called.

Section 3: Quorum. A quorum shall consist of not less than half of the voting members of the Council.

Section 4: Agenda. The Council President shall be responsible for the preparation of the agenda and it shall be distributed to the members at least five (5) working days before each regular meeting.

Section 5: Record of attendance. The minutes of each meeting shall show the names of Council members present, those excused, and those unexcused.

Section 6: Open meetings. The open meeting laws of the state of Idaho will be observed.

Article IX Meetings of COPE

Section 1: Regular meetings. There shall be at least one open meeting held each semester of the regular school year for the purpose of conveying information, receiving constructive suggestions, and conducting other relevant business. Notification of an open regular meeting shall appear in the campus media at least one week before a meeting. The President of the Council shall preside over these meetings.

Section 2: Special meetings. Special meetings of COPE may be called by: (1) the Council; (2) the Council President; or (3) the Council President following a written request of at least twenty-five (25) members of COPE. Notification of the special meeting and its purpose shall appear in the campus media at least one week before the meeting. The President of the Council shall preside at these meetings.

Article X Parliamentary Authority

Section 1: General. Roberts Rules of Order. Most recently revised version shall govern all meetings of the Council and of COPE in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not in conflict with these bylaws or with any other rules that are adopted by the Council or COPE for the conduct of their meetings.

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