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Part 2. Organization

Section V. Foundations and University Support Organizations

A. Alumni Association/Alumni Relations

1. Alumni Association

The Idaho State University Alumni Association was established in 1906 to provide a continuing link between the University and its graduates through its primary objectives of providing programs that meet the social and intellectual needs of alumni and developing ways to enable alumni to serve their alma mater.

Membership in the Association numbers nearly 40,000 and is granted to any individual who graduates from an academic or vocational-technical program at ISU, or who has attended the University for a minimum of 24 semester hours.

2. Office of Alumni Relations

Dedicated to serving the University through work with alumni, donors and friends, the Office of Alumni Relations offers an extensive array of programs and services. They include:

a. Maintaining addresses and other information on alumni.

b. Publishing the quarterly Outlook alumni tabloid.

c. Organizing Homecoming and reunion activities.

d. Supervising the ISU Ambassadors, a student service group.

e. Providing volunteers for fund-raising, recruiting and other University needs.

f. Sponsoring an extensive awards program which includes:

(1) Distinguished Alumni Award

(2) William J. Bartz Award

(3) ISU Achievement Award

(4) Professional Achievement Award

(5) Sports Hall of Fame Awards

g. Organizing regional alumni gatherings, alumni chapters, and outreach activities.

h. Managing the Magnuson Alumni House.

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