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Part 2. Organization

Section V. Foundations and University Support Organizations

D. Idaho State University Foundation, Inc.

The ISU Foundation, a non-profit corporation established in 1967 under the laws of the State of Idaho, operates exclusively for the benefit of Idaho State University. The ISU Foundation was formed for the purpose of soliciting and receiving contributions, gifts, grants, devises or bequests of real or personal property from individuals, partnerships, associations, governmental bodies or public or private corporations on behalf of the University. The ISU Foundation is governed by an independent Board of Directors, whose members and officers bring a wide range of experience, business and industry and professional competence of the efforts to advancing the Institution.

Gifts to the Foundation may be unrestricted and utilized by the University in areas of greatest need, or donors can specify the area where they would like their contributions to go. Private funding helps provide for continued scholarship and student financial assistance and for the enrichment of academic and vocational/technical programs and instruction. Private support is recognized as a vital and necessary supplement for the funding of higher educational institutions in the State of Idaho and across the nation.

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