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Part 2. Organization

Section V. Foundations and University Support Organizations

E. Research and Business Park

The Office of Research Park and Economic Development was created in response to the University’s commitment to the economic revitalization of eastern Idaho and given the mission to work closely with the economic development agencies and the communities of the region to stimulate economic growth and enhance the business environment.

One of the tools to be used in this economic development effort is the Research and Business Park. The Park has been designed with three major points of emphasis in mind:

  1. Health Sciences
  2. Science and Technology
  3. Business Innovation

In support of the Business Innovation area of the Park, a Business Incubator Center is currently open. The Center provides space and services to fledgling businesses to assist them throughout the formative years. The goal is to establish viable business operations and create jobs in the communities of our region. The Incubator is the first building at the Park and was completed in the late summer of 1988.

The Research and Business Park, along with the Incubator Center, will rely heavily on the resources of the University and the expertise of the faculty and staff. The Park will provide educational and consultation opportunities for both faculty and students at ISU.

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