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Part 3. Services, Functions and Facilities Use

Section I. Physical Plant

A. Campus Buildings and Facilities

Housing accommodations for single students include: Garrison, Turner, and Owen-Redfield Halls and an honor student dormitory in East Hall. Apartments available for married students or students with children include: University Courts, Schubert Heights, Pulling Courts, and McIntosh Manor.

Classroom and laboratory buildings include Leonard Hall, (College of Pharmacy); the Kegel Liberal Arts Building, and the Arthur Tranmer Medical Arts Building. Academic structures include the Physical Science Building, College of Education Complex, Fine Arts Building, College of Business Building, and the Lillibridge Engineering Laboratory. The Gale Life Science Complex houses biological, psychological, biochemical, and microbiological sciences and two departments of the College of Health Related Professions--nursing and speech pathology and audiology. West Hall houses the dental hygiene clinic and Reed Gymnasium houses the physical education and health education. The College of Technology is quartered in the Trade and Technology Building, the Vocational Arts Building, the Industrial Crafts Building and the Roy F. Christensen Complex. The school also makes use of several off-campus facilities.

Frazier Hall, the Universityís main auditorium building, houses the Speech Communication and Theatre Department. Other auditorium facilities are located in the Fine Arts Building, College of Education Building, Gale Life Sciences Complex, and the Earl R. Pond Student Union Building. The Pond Student Union Building provides dining facilities, numerous meeting rooms, facilities for bowling and other games, student affairs offices, and the University Bookstore, as well as the Outdoor Program, Outdoor Wilderness Rental Center, craft work shop, two art galleries (one for photography and one for other types of art work), mail center, barber shop, bakery and delicatessen, movie theater, guest rooms, and a large ballroom.

The Holt Arena, Idaho State Universityís main athletics facility, is the first college-owned arena capable of housing both intercollegiate basketball and football, and is presently one of the few totally-contained indoor stadiums anywhere. The Holt Arena contains two portable basketball floors, numerous locker rooms, a sauna, athletic offices and concession stands. It also houses the nationís fastest 200-meter board track.

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