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Part 3. Services, Functions and Facilities Use

Section II. University Library

E. Special Collection Division

The Special Collections Division, located in the basement of the Library, is responsible for the management and maintenance of the Idaho State University Archives and the Library’s Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection.

1. Archives

Idaho Code requires that the University manage its records according to detailed regulations. In accordance with these regulations, the University Archives is the official repository for materials of historical or archival value that document the development of the University and its ongoing business, as well as its mission, policies and programs.

The University Archives is composed of inactive materials, to be scheduled through the State Archivist and the Idaho Department of Administration State Records Center, and semi-active materials that are referred to on an occasional basis. Previously, important records have been transferred to the University Archives on an irregular basis, based on storage needs of the originating area or department. During the summer of 2000, the University president initiated a comprehensive review of records management across the University, interrupting this practice.

Until other direction is issued, all transfers of records and historic materials should be arranged for in advance by contacting either the Head of Special Collections or the ISU Records Manager.

2. Rare Books and Manuscripts

Special Collections houses the following collections:

The Special Collections Division currently includes local materials dating from the 1940s to the present since some items are furnished to the Collections as they are published. Examples of current items include campus newsletters and the new University Centennial commemorative book. The Collections contain many original source materials for research relating to Idaho history (especially Southeastern Idaho). The personal and financial papers of early Pocatello and Southeastern Idaho residents, companies, and organizations are earnestly solicited for possible inclusion in the collections.

Researchers are encouraged to visit the Special Collections area where access to materials is coordinated by University staff. Arrangements to access the University Archives should be made by contacting the Head of the Special Collections, or the University Records Manager. Limited reference service is available by mail, email and telephone.

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