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Part 3. Services, Functions and Facilities Use

Section II. University Library

F. University Records Manager (Updated 4/04)

Advises the President and chief administrative offices of the University on matters pertaining to the establishment of a unified records program promoting the creation, management, preservation and disposal of information in accordance with applicable Idaho and federal regulations. Directs the facility-wide inventory of University records.

With the assistance of the Records Management Advisory Committee, a) establishes a network of Records Coordinators to perform tasks associated with the University Records Management Program, b) maintains uniform standards, guidelines, and retention policies for the University, c) develops a plan and policies to implement the Records Management Program, d) recommends budgets and funding sources, e) establishes and maintains a records storage facility for records awaiting destruction in excess of departmental capacity, and f) coordinates training and security programs supporting records management for the University. Coordinates storage and retrieval of record material with the Head of Special Collections, as appropriate.

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