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Part 3. Services, Functions and Facilities Use

Section III. Public Safety

A. Campus Security

1. General

ISU Public Safety Department has officers on patrol 24 hours a day. Public Safety provides 24-hour emergency phone and dispatch service to the campus and to the officers on patrol. Dispatchers and Public Safety officers also have radio contact with the Pocatello Police dispatch center in case of emergencies.

2. Emergencies

All phones on campus should have a sticker which lists the emergency phone numbers. They are:

Callers should be prepared to give their name, return phone number, and the ISU building number, which should be listed on the phone sticker.

3. Thefts/Suspicious Circumstances

Any circumstance which appears to be suspicious (i.e. wandering persons who appear to be out of place, jimmied locks, taped-over door locks, etc.) should be reported immediately to the Security Office.

All thefts of personal or University equipment should be reported without delay. In most cases, the quicker the loss is reported, the better the chance the equipment will be located. Departments are encouraged not to wait until all the staff and faculty have been contacted to make the loss known to Public Safety. Normally all thefts over $150 (felony theft) and all burglaries are investigated by the Pocatello Police Department. Public Safety staff will call the Police Department if they have not already been contacted.

If a room or cabinet has been forcibly entered (i.e. burglarized) DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING OR ATTEMPT TO CLEAN UP THE AREA! CALL SECURITY IMMEDIATELY! Otherwise, you may destroy valuable evidence needed to solve the crime. Keep everyone away from the area until Public Safety or the City police arrive.

All missing property on the ISU inventory system should be reported to Central Property Control Office.

To help reduce theft and to promote good inventory practices, each department should establish a property check-out procedure. Off campus use of University equipment should be discouraged. If necessary, however, it should be closely controlled and documented.

Long term use of individual equipment by a single person should be discouraged unless that person is held directly accountable for the equipment.

Departments should also establish a check-out procedure for persons leaving ISU or department employment. The procedure should require a property inventory and proper key control accountability before the person is allowed to obtain a final paycheck.

4. Building Lock/Unlock Procedures

In order to maintain the security of both the buildings and the property they contain, all campus buildings will be locked after normal business/class hours.

Custodial staff assigned to the particular building will normally lock the building. Public Safety, unless otherwise arranged, will normally unlock the buildings each workday. Requests to change the lock/unlock times or to request special access times (i.e. weekend workshops) should be directed to the Public Safety in writing. (See also “Facilities Use”).

Individual departments are responsible to lock/unlock their own office and classroom areas.

After normal working hours, any person found in University controlled facilities must show proper ISU identification and justify their presence. Unauthorized persons will be subject to University disciplinary procedures and/or criminal sanctions.

(See “Keys” for key request and control procedures).

5. Emergency Evacuations

Because of bomb threats, fire alarms, or other emergency conditions, all faculty, staff, and students may be evacuated from University buildings or facilities. During these times, no one is authorized to be in the facilities without the consent of the Public Safety official in charge.

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