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Part 3. Services, Functions and Facilities Use

Section III. Public Safety

B. Bomb Threat Policy

(Classified portions of this policy have been removed to assure that proper safety precautions can be implemented at the appropriate time).

1. Purpose

To establish procedures and responsibilities to be used in the event that bomb threats are directed toward any ISU controlled facilities or events.

2. Policy

It is the policy of the University that all bomb threats are to be considered valid and taken seriously until proven otherwise. Safety of the public and of University facilities will take precedence over normal activities.

3. Procedures

a. Responsibilities

(1) All bomb threats directed towards campus facilities or events, whether received in the mail or by phone by any department on campus, will be immediately reported to the Public Safety at 282-2515.

(2) The responsibility for investigating bomb threats rests with the Public Safety Director, or in his absence, the appropriate shift supervisor.

(3) Public Safety will notify the Pocatello Police Department, and the Pocatello Fire Department, if appropriate, of the threat and request assistance in conducting the investigation since it is a crime under the State criminal code.

(4) The responsibility for directing the evacuation of any facility or event will rest with the Public Safety Director or shift supervisor, after consultation with appropriate Police personnel and University administrators. Appropriate deans or facility directors will normally be contacted, but do not have the authority to order evacuation or prevent evacuation.

b. Investigation

(1) Appropriate Public Safety and Police personnel will interview the person(s) receiving the bomb threat and determine the legitimacy of the call.

(2) Depending on the nature of the information obtained, the decision will be made to either conduct a preliminary search of the facility or to immediately begin evacuation procedures.

(3) If time permits, a preliminary search of the facility will be conducted before any evacuation is conducted.

(4) Preliminary searches will be performed by Police and/or Public Safety personnel, with the assistance of appropriate maintenance, custodial and/or personnel familiar with the area or facility.

(5) Preliminary searches are to be conducted without undue disturbance of normal routines or activities for that area. No attempt will be made to alert the public of the problem until circumstances dictate otherwise.

(6) Areas within the facility normally occupied by faculty or staff personnel will be searched by those same personnel, assisted by Public Safety or Police search personnel. Items which appear to be out of place or are otherwise suspicious will be reported to the appropriate search supervisor. Those items should be handled only by authorized personnel.

(7) Public access areas will be searched by appropriate search personnel.

(8) Occupied classrooms will normally not be searched until the class is completed or at an appropriate break. The instructor/ professor will assist the search team in recognizing items which may be out of place or suspicious in that classroom.

(9) In the event that suspicious items are located anywhere in the facility, evacuation procedures will be implemented.

c. Evacuation Procedures

(1) Appropriate fire and medical personnel and equipment will be called to the area by Public Safety.

(2) All students and ISU personnel will be directed to safe locations away from the facility.

(3) University personnel will not be authorized to leave the University or their duties unless authorized by the President or his designee.

(4) All non-search personnel will remain clear of the facility until it is designated as safe for reentry by the Public Safety Director or his designee.

d. Bomb Extraction

All suspected bombs and/or suspicious objects will be dealt with in accordance with procedures established by the appropriate bomb/ordinance disposal team called to the scene by the Pocatello Police Department.

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