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Part 3. Services, Functions and Facilities Use

Section III. Public Safety

D. Animals on Campus

Authority to control animals on campus is based on the following:

1. Pocatello City Code, Sections 6-4-6, 6-5-1(A), and 6-5-3.

2. “Regulations and Standards for Food Service Establishments”, adopted by the Idaho Board of Health, December 1974.

3. Idaho Code, Section 33-3005.

4. ASISU Senate Resolution #145 (Section IX, Term I, 1977).

The Director of the Physical Plant or his designee shall administer the animal control policy.

All animals brought on University property must:

1. Be licensed with the City of Pocatello.

2. Be in the charge of a person and under control at all times by a leash not to exceed ten (10) feet in length except Bartz Field where animals may be off a leash, but must be under the owner’s control.

3. Be restricted from University buildings unless they are seeing-eye dogs.

4. Not be left unattended or tied to University property, (i.e. trees, bushes, light poles, stair railings, bike racks, etc.)

Faculty, staff or students may not house an animal in any office or other facilities provided to them by the University.

Any property damage that results from an animal will be charged to the owner.

All complaints regarding animals on campus are to be filed with the Public Safety. A Public Safety officer will accompany a Pocatello City Animal Control Officer as they investigate animal complaints. Animals found in violation of these policies will be removed to the Pocatello City Animal Control Shelter.

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