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Part 3. Services, Functions and Facilities Use

Section III. Public Safety

I. Bengal (Student ID) Cards

All students are required to have an ISU issued Photo ID card. These cards, called Bengal Cards, are available at Public Safety. During fee payment the cards are issued in Pocatello at the Student Union Building, in Idaho Falls in the basement of the Administration Building and in Twin Falls in the administrative offices. Replacement cards are also available at the same areas for a fee.

Bengal Cards are used for your safety to control access to dorms, labs and other buildings around campus. Bengal Cards are required for admission to tests, check cashing services, distribution of paychecks and Financial Aid, pre-registration, athletic events, ASISU events and library privileges.

With proof of marriage, Bengal Cards are available for spouses of married students. Bengal spouse cards are available for a fee each semester and entitle the holder to the same services as the students, with a few exceptions. Although most events are free, some may require a separate nominal fee.

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