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Part 3. Services, Functions and Facilities Use

Section VII. Speakers and Fine Arts

B. Speakers

1. Speakers and Artists Committee

The Speakers and Artists Committee is a subcommittee of the Campus Planning and Cultural Affairs Council and arranges for public appearances of distinguished figures on a variety of topics and for performing artists. The Committee is open to all suggestions for format and participants and solicits faculty and staff support in planning its program. Suggestions should be forwarded to the chairperson of the committee.

2. ISU Speakers Bureau

The ISU Speakers Bureau, administered by University Relations, maintains a list of faculty and staff who are willing to speak to civic, educational, social and religious organizations in Pocatello and other nearby communities. The Bureau publishes a pamphlet listing each year’s speakers and provides liaison in arranging speakers to meet requests from the various organizations.

Many requests for ISU speakers are from small groups which cannot afford honoraria. Academic and administrative officials are notified of speaking engagements that faculty and staff members undertake to ensure that proper on-campus recognition is given Bureau participants. Publicity is released by University Relations.

New faculty and staff who are interested in participating are invited to register with the Bureau.

3. Program Board — Issues and Speakers Committee

The Program Board Issues and Speakers Committee arranges lectures dealing with a wide variety of topics of interest. Lectures are selected by the Program Board Issues and Speakers Chairperson.

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