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Part 3. Services, Functions and Facilities Use

Section VII. Speakers and Fine Arts

C. Theatre

ISU is a cooperative theatre program using the financial resources of the Associated Students and the educational and production resources of the Speech Communication/Theatre Department. Although the actual number may vary, there are approximately five (5) productions each year offering a variety of theatrical art. Performances are held in either Frazier Auditorium, seating approximately 800, or in the smaller Powell Little Theatre (see paragraph below). Students are able to obtain tickets free of charge with their validated activity cards. Special Faculty/Staff prices are available for season tickets. Contact Frazier Auditorium Ticket Office for further information.

Powell Little Theater is a small (145 seat) “black box theatre”; referred to as such, because it is a square theatre with seating on three sides, with no curtains and low light levels, which provide a close intimate theatre experience. It is named after Via Mae Powell, a former department chairperson.

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