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Part 3. Services, Functions and Facilities Use

Section VIII. Information Technology (5-05)

C. Acceptable Use Policy

1. Mission Statement

The Idaho State University (ISU) Acceptable Use Policy establishes the standards for fair, responsible, and acceptable use of information technology systems while maintaining access for all authorized users.

2. Incorporated by Reference:

a. The definitions for IT policies, available at .
b. The General IT Policy (
c. Faculty/Staff Handbook (
d. Student Code of Conduct (

3. Policy Scope

The acceptable use policy applies to:

a. ISU's information technology (IT) systems, which may include, but are not limited to, information systems, networking and telecommunications systems, data processing hardware and software, data transmission equipment and transmission media, and data storage devices.

b. Information or data processed, stored, or transmitted across ISU's IT systems.

c. Authorized users and/or organizations that access ISU's IT systems.

4. Authority

The author of this policy is the Technology Oversight Council. The Technology Oversight Council (TOC) and the Academic Vice President review all changes and updates. Final approval and execution rests with the President of ISU in consultation with university counsel.

5. Policy

Idaho State University information systems exist to support the instructional, research, and administrative needs of the university. As such, these systems are critical to the institution and are part of the wider global Internet. As good citizens of the institution, the state, the country, and the world, users of these information systems must exhibit behavior that protects the resources for use by all.

a. The information systems of Idaho State University are to be used for activities in keeping with the university's mission and may include, but are not limited to

(1) Instruction, including classroom support;
(2) Research and creative activities;
(3) Administration;
(4) Exploration;
(5) Personal use that neither conflicts with state requirements nor impedes the previous four uses.

b. It is the intent of ISU to provide access to all authorized users. Given the critical nature of information systems, however, network and Internet use may be revoked as necessary, and in accordance with due process procedures, to protect the access of everyone. Therefore, users of the information systems must abide by the following policies:

(1)Users will comply with all ISU policies, and applicable federal or state laws and executive orders.

(2)Users will be responsible for their individual account(s) and will take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use their account.

(3) Computers and/or terminals will be secured when not in use by locking the screen or keyboard, logging off and/or shutting down the system.

(4)Users will be aware of the shared nature of network resources and perform their work accordingly, protecting the resources for all.

c. In addition to the above conduct that is required, the following conduct is not acceptable:

(1) Violation of federal law:

(a) Using ISU's IT system for illegal purposes.

(b) Attempting to harm other systems.

(c) Intentionally propagating computer viruses.

(d) Destruction or theft of private information.

(e) Using computers or networks to post or transmit libelous, harassing, or threatening messages to others.

(f) Any use of ISU's IT system to perform activities that illegally infringe on copyrighted material, including, but not limited to, software, text, images, audio, and video.

(i)Only software legal for use on ISU computers may be installed on ISU's computer systems.

(g) Sharing logons and passwords with others or providing access to unauthorized personnel.

(2) Violation of state laws or executive orders:

(a) Engaging in unauthorized commercial actions including, but not limited to, running a business off an ISU-based homepage or running advertisements of businesses.

(b) Using ISU's IT Systems for political lobbying as defined under federal or state law; however, users may use the system to communicate with elected representatives and to express their opinion on political issues.

(3) Violation of Idaho State University IT Policies:

(a) Engaging in any action that may cause harm to others or to ISU's IT system.

(b) Changing a device's IP address or MAC if not part of the individual's regular job responsibilities and/or such change causes conflict on the network.

(c) Attempting to access resources or data that are not authorized by one's role or job responsibilities.

(d) Attempting to alter ISU's computers or networks unless part of one's regular job responsibilities.

6. Electronic Mail Considerations:

a. Email is a critical tool for accomplishing university business. To maintain optimum use of this resource, certain forms of mass email must be managed:

(1) Using an ISU address as a basis for launching SPAM is not allowed.

(2) Sending mail to more than 100 addresses must be coordinated with the ITA or designee to assure effective network resource use.

(3) Those who regularly send messages to groups of ten or more are encouraged to use the mailman mailing list utility (

b. Mail to classes through Faculty/Staff Tools meets these requirements.

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