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Part 4. Personnel Policies

Section I. General Personnel Policies

A. Personnel Policies

B. Academic Freedom/Faculty Ethics

1. Academic Freedom and Responsibility
2. Statement on Faculty Ethics
3. Board Conflict of Interest and Ethical Conduct Policy

C. Political Activities of Employees

1. General
2. Special Provisions for Classified Employees

D. Use of the University Name/Stationery

1. General
2. Letterhead/Stationery

E. Loyalty Oaths

F. Policy Promulgation/Adoption

1. University Policies
2. Departmental/Office Policies

G. Non-Discrimination

1. Non-discrimination Policy
2. Equal Employment Opportunity
3. Americans With Disabilities Act (1-92)

H. Sexual Harassment

1. Policy
2. Definition

I. The EEO/Affirmative Action Program

1. Employment
2. Students

J. Intellectual Property Policies for Idaho State University

1. Patent Policy
2. Idaho State University Copyright Policy
3. Conflict of Interest Policy Regarding Intellectual Property
4. Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure Policy

K. Sponsored Programs

1. Office of Sponsored Programs
2. The Director of Sponsored Programs
3. Policies Governing Fiscal Administration of Grants
4. Procedures
5. Indirect Cost Policy
6. A-21 Reporting
7. International Agreements

L. Continuing Education

1. General
2. Continuing Education Unit (CEU) National Program

M. Publicity

1. University Relations
2. University Publications

N. Development/Fund Raising

O. Office Hours

1. General
2. Office Hours for Academic Personnel
3. Coffee Breaks
4. Flextime

P. Sexual Orientation Policy

Q. Solicitation Policy

1. General
2. Student Union
3. Housing
4. Holt Arena
5. Logos

R. Faculty Student Relationships

S. Emergency Closure Policy

T. Volunteer Policy

1. Policy Statement
2. Who is considered a volunteer
3. Volunteer Screening
4. Volunteer Process


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