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Part 4. Personnel Policies

Section I. General Personnel Policies

D. Use of the University Name/Stationary

1. General

a. The name "Idaho State University" is exclusive property of Idaho State University, and consequently, may be used only on publications supported by funds administered under the authority of the University and the Board. Publications of any sort that are not supported by such funds may not use Idaho State University's name, and they are in no way to suggest that they are Idaho State University publications or sponsored or endorsed by Idaho State University.

b. Idaho State University personnel or others may not use Idaho State University's name when its use could be construed as implying University support for or endorsement of any activity, product, or service, unless such support or endorsement has been officially authorized by the President or the President's designee.

2. Letterhead/Stationery

Idaho State University letterhead and stationery should be used for all official correspondence and representation of the institution by University personnel. The use of such letterhead and stationery, supplies, services, or equipment for private purposes, including political or religious and privately compensated consulting or other services, is neither authorized nor permitted.

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