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Part 4. Personnel Policies

Section I. General Personnel Policies

Q. Solicitation Policy


1. General

Any student, solicitor, agent, or salesperson operating for his/her own benefit and for interests not directly connected with the University's interests is not permitted to solicit, advertise on campus, or participate in any University function without the approval of the Student Union Director, who serves as the campus Facility Use Coordinator.

Canvassing of the Residence Halls, the Student Union, or other University-owned property is not permitted. This includes door to door or person to person selling. An agent may visit or conduct business with a student only if invited or requested to do so by that student.

Individuals wanting to purchase advertising through the established formats will contact the person responsible for the respective advertising medium; i.e., Extra Newspaper, Holt Arena, Athletic Program, telephone book, event sponsorship, etc.

The University reserves the right to deny any program not in harmony with its role and mission, philosophy, policies, or applicable federal, state, and local laws. Permission to solicit on the ISU campus in no way reflects an endorsement by the University nor does it reflect official opinions or policies of the University.

2. Student Union

Solicitation for whatever purpose is expressly forbidden unless prior written approval has been granted by the Director of the Student Union.

Solicitations or displays that receive prior approval of the Student Union Director are restricted to specific areas so as not to disrupt the flow of traffic. All arrangements must be made through the Pond Student Union Reservations and Catering Office.

3. Housing

Solicitors are not permitted in the Residence Halls unless they have obtained authorization in writing from the Director of Housing. This includes students, organizational representatives, and commercial salespersons of any kind.

4. Holt Arena

Solicitation and advertising in Holt Arena must be in accordance with University policy and be in the best interests of the students of the University. Each request will be evaluated on this basis prior to the event by the Holt Arena Manager.

Food service in Holt Arena operates on an inhouse basis. Permission for food/beverage sales by student organizations must be obtained from the Holt Arena Manager.

5. Logos

The ISU name, logos, marks, and characters are owned and licensed by the University. All product sales by nonstudent groups utilizing ISU's name, logos, marks, and characters must be registered with the licensing company and approved by the Holt Arena Manager. All student organizations that wish to display the ISU logos must receive prior approval from the Holt Arena Manager.

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