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Part 4. Personnel Policies

Section I. General Personnel Policies

S. Emergency Closure Policy

If the President or designee determines that an ISU facility or facilities will be closed because of extreme weather or emergency conditions, employees assigned to the impacted facility or facilities should not report to work during the declared closure. Whenever possible, the specific hours of closure will be identified. A departmental director or dean will determine which employees are required or allowed to work during a declared closure. Employees who are required or allowed to work during a declared closure receive, in addition to regular salary, time off at a later date equal to the number of hours worked during a closure. If overtime is involved, normal overtime rules shall apply as provided by Idaho Code, Section 67-5329.

Those employees not required or allowed to work shall be authorized administrative leave with pay to cover regularly scheduled hours of work during a declared closure. Employees will be compensated at their normal rate of pay with no reduction of accrued leave, unless on a previously approved leave. In this case, the previously approved leave shall apply.

The specific location(s) impacted by a declared closure will be identified, such as "entire Pocatello campus", "entire Idaho Falls campus", etc. Employees who do not work at the designated closure location shall report to work as normal. Employees whose assigned work shift is, in whole or in part, outside of the hours of a declared closure, shall report to work for the hours of his or her work shift that are outside of the hours of closure. For occasions other than during a declared facility closure, accrued vacation leave shall be approved for those employees who are unable to report to work or decide for personal safety reasons not to report to work.

Employees can obtain facility closure information by calling 282-3936 for Pocatello, 282-7825 for Idaho Falls, 736-2101 for Twin Falls, and 685-6778 for Boise. Reasonable attempts will be made to notify local radio and television stations as early as possible so information will be available to employees in a timely manner.

When a situation arises during the day and a closure is declared with an early release of employees, the resulting time off shall be charged to administrative leave with pay. Reasonable attempts will be made to notify departments and employees in a timely manner in the case of an early release of employees. All previously mentioned guidelines shall apply.

Contact the ISU Office of Human Resources for specific questions regarding this policy.

Adopted 1/5/04

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