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Part 4. Personnel Policies

Section III. Academic Rank and Other Appointments

D. Emerita/Emeritus Status (Updated 9/06)

1. University faculty members upon retirement may be granted Emerita/Emeritus status (all referred to herein as emeritus faculty) according to the following criteria:

a. A member of the faculty who has provided exceptional and distinguished service to Idaho State University.

b. A member of the faculty with at least fifteen (15) years of dedicated service to the University.

c. Exceptions are allowed for individuals who have made substantial contributions to their fields of specialization or who have demonstrated exceptional scholarship and competence or appropriate creative accomplishment of recognized outstanding quality.

2. To achieve Emeritus Status, the University President must receive recommendations from the four University entities listed below following the usual University approval process.

a. Either the Academic Department Chair, the College of Technology Division Manager, or majority vote of the full-time faculty within the academic department or College of Technology Division in which the Emeritus-Status Candidate was affiliated prior to retirement.

b. The Dean of the College in which the Emeritus-Status Candidate was affiliated prior to retirement.

c. The Faculty Senate.

d. The Academic Vice President.

Once Emeritus Status has been conferred, such faculty members will be eligible to continue scholarly pursuits in the name of Idaho State University. Wherever possible, the University will offer laboratory and office space to permit the individual to continue his or her work and will support that work with whatever resources the institution can bring to bear.

Emeritus faculty members are not responsible for making recommendations pertaining to the university level academic direction of the institution except through the faculty and administration of the area with which they were affiliated prior to retirement.

Emeritus faculty members are entitled to attend faculty meetings, but without vote, march in the appropriate position in the academic procession; use the library and university facilities normally available to faculty members; and attend all social and ceremonial functions of the University.

All faculty members awarded emeritus status will be designated simply as ‘Professor Emeritus’; names will not be listed by rank in the University Undergraduate Catalog or Graduate Catalog.

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