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Part 4. Personnel Policies

Section V. Internal Grievance Procedures

H. Faculty Ombudsperson

1. Duties

a. The faculty ombudsperson listens to the concerns of individual faculty members at ISU and uses informal means to facilitate the resolution of disputes. Any faculty member or administrator of the ISU community can bring a concern to the faculty ombudsperson, so long as it relates to the role and experience of faculty in the University.

b. The faculty ombudsperson conducts discussions, makes inquires and keeps records about faculty concerns in a confidential manner.

c. The faculty ombudsperson is a neutral and objective party whose primary purpose is to help faculty members find resolutions to problems affecting or involving them. The faculty ombudsperson is familiar with the policies, procedures, and processes that exist at the University for handling complaints or concerns of the faculty.

d. The faculty ombudsperson will listen to the concern, make appropriate inquiries, involve appropriate other parties, make suggestions to the faculty member and other parties involved, and conduct mediation as agreed upon.

e. The faculty ombudsperson creates an environment in which the individual concerned and others directly involved come to a clearer understanding of the situation and reach reasonable and mutually satisfying agreements.

f. The processes initiated by the faculty ombudsperson do not substitute for, or become part of, other institutional processes.

g. The faculty ombudsperson will have reasonable access to records or other materials necessary to be effective.

h. The faculty ombudsperson is encouraged to comment on policies, procedures, and processes with an eye to positive future change.

i. The faculty ombudsperson authors an annual summary report, including data, on the types of matters handled and narrative reflecting the character of the year’s activities to the Faculty Senate through the President of the University.

2. Selection

The faculty ombudsperson will be selected from among the tenured faculty at ISU. The position is half time and starts in the Fall Semester. The term of service will be for one year and is renewable, upon evaluation and review by the Faculty Senate.

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