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Part 4. Personnel Policies

Section VI. Benefits/Compensation/Personnel Files

C. Personnel Files (Updated 5/02)

1. Employee Files

a. Employee personnel files are open for examination by the employee during regular business hours.

b. No documents that are anonymous or based on rumor may be placed in the personnel file.

c. The employee may, pursuant to Idaho Code § 9-342, request in writing an amendment of any record pertaining to that employee. Within ten days of the receipt of the request, the custodian of the files will make any correction of any portion of the file which the individual establishes is not accurate, relevant, or complete; or inform the employee in writing of the refusal to amend in accordance with the request and the reasons for the refusal and the time period for doing so, as set forth in Idaho Code §§ 9-343 and 9-344.

d. Within three days of a written request and payment of the cost of photocopying, the employee may obtain copies of any materials in his or her personnel file.

e. Material cannot be copied without the employee’s prior approval, except that, if the employee is a faculty member, the immediate supervisor may make copies for the purposes of annual evaluations and for tenure and performance committee reviews. A faculty member can add to or update his or her file at any time prior to his or her review. Should a faculty member choose not to do so, the review body shall proceed on the basis of the information available.

2. Personnel Records Exempt from Disclosure

The University will refuse to disclose to third parties, all personnel records of a current or former employee other than the employee’s public service or employment history, classification, pay grade and step, longevity, gross salary and salary history, status, workplace and employing entity.

All other personnel information relating to the employee or an applicant for employment, including, but not limited to, information regarding sex, race, marital status, birth date, home address and telephone number, applications, testing and scoring materials, grievances, correspondence and performance evaluations, will not be disclosed to the public without the employee’s or applicant’s written consent.

3. File Maintenance and Retention

a. All applications for vacant nonclassified and faculty positions must be retained for a minimum of one (1) year following the appointment of a person to the position.

b. Any personnel files related to and involving legal action must be retained indefinitely.

c. Personnel files must be retained for a minimum of three years following severance. A summary record of employment relationships must be kept indefinitely.

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