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Part 4. Personnel Policies

Section VII. Miscellaneous

B. Electronic Advertising Policy

1. Purpose

This policy sets standards that are meant to ensure that information published electronically is free of unapproved commercial content and follows the same high standards as other forms of published information (print, audio visual, etc.). The University complies with applicable local, state, and federal laws.

2. Definitions

Sponsorship and underwriting are defined as providing space on a Web page to another party for the purpose of mentioning the party’s name as recognition for the provision of money, goods, or services.

Advertising is defined as providing space on a Web page to another party for the purpose of promoting goods or services offered by that party in exchange for money, goods, or services.

3. General Guidelines

In general, any advertising link on a university Web site to a commercial or external organization should be justified by valid University (business, professional, or educational) relationship. It is important to avoid the appearance of endorsing a particular product or service. The justification for the commercial link should also be provided to the University Counsel. The content of any Web page and its compliance with applicable policy and law is the sole responsibility of the author. Advertising, sponsorship and underwriting content for non-university products and services will not be stored on University-owned equipment.

4. Sponsorship and Underwriting

University departments and organizations may receive underwriting or sponsorship for their Web pages or include information regarding businesses providing underwriting or sponsorship of a university event if current University policy allows such activities in printed media.

5. Advertising

Individuals (students, staff, or faculty) cannot sell advertising or advertise goods or services on their Web pages nor link to other Web sites that advertise goods or services if they are receiving compensation for this advertising.

Any University department, college, division, or organization may only sell advertising on the Web pages if current University policy allows advertising in print media and only if such advertising is specified pursuant to an appropriately approved contract between the University and the third party.

The sale of advertising must be subject to taxation, despite the University’s tax exempt status. University departments, colleges, divisions, and organizations are individually responsible for all tax payments and liabilities, including penalties and attorneys’ fees in relation to Unrelated Business Income Tax, or other tax assessments arising from the sale of advertising.

6. Use of University Name, Seal, Logo, and Service Mark

It is not permitted to use the University name, seal, logo, or service mark in conjunction with advertising or list the University as a user of any product or service or as the source of research information on which a commercial program or publication is based, except that approval may be granted the University President (or the president’s designee) for institutional or goodwill advertising clearly regarded as being in the best interests of the University.

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